District A40
Western Australia

Sadly most of our ambasadors seem to have gone missing
somewhere on their travels. We hope they will return to us soon.

Good news is that we have a new ambasador. Kal Junior. He is very young but keen
to be on his way to visit Inner Wheel Clubs overseas.

Click here for Kal and Kal Junior's updates...

Kal Koala             Kal Junior.

Kal travels world wide and visits with other Inner Wheel clubs enjoying outings and meeting with the members. He carries with him friendship from our club to whoever he meets. Occasionally he sends emails or postcards back home letting us know where he is and what he is up to. If you have had Kal or either of Kal's friends below, visit your club or you know where Kal and his friends are now please email their "home" here.

Matilda Kangaroo and her baby Marlu

Matilda and Marlu travel round Australia spreading friendship where ever they go. Occasionally they get sidetracked and end up overseas, where we think they maybe now. Last reported somewhere overseas.

Paddy the Swagman

Now Paddy, he is another kettle of fish altogether. Being the typical swagman he stops over in all sorts of places spreading friendship to those he meets on his way, whether in the bush or the cities. At the moment Paddy is sadly reported as "LOST." Please contact our club if you have seen Paddy.